Credit: © Midnight Rambler

Broth may be gunning to become the new “it” liquid this year, but some people aren't ready to buy into the trend. Here’s an idea to attract a new set of consommmé-tors: Make it alcoholic. So far, we've seen a broth restaurant, cookbooks and now cocktails like Bull Shots returning to menus. Proponents give their super ingredients credit for everything from better immune systems to shinier hair. We can't say whether a few ounces of vodka will derail those benefits, but at least these three boozy broths from around the country will warm you up.

Midnight Rambler – Dallas

Co-owners Christy Pope and Chad Solomon put a lot of love into the broth they use for their Pho-King Champ, a twist on beefy Bull Shot that's dosed with roasted ginger, anise green and black cardamom and hits of Sriracha and hoisin. They add that to a mixture of wheat vodka, oloroso sherry and lime juice for an umami-intense cocktail.

Pistola – Los Angeles

Bartender Aaron Melendrez uses Glenlivet 15 and lamb broth in this off-the-menu "soup cocktail" called From the Kitchen with Love. He's also experimenting with other brothtails for the spring.

Craigie on Main – Cambridge, MA

Food & Wine Best New Chef 2005 Tony Maws has several different broths going at his Cambridge restaurant, but for those interested in a stronger sort of soup, he’s spiked his game bird consommé with a strong dose of sherry.