By Food & Wine
Updated June 24, 2016
Credit: © Brooklyn Floral Delight

Global financial markets may be in a freefall, but for those for pedestrian issues to freak out about, good news: Starbucks has a new “secret menu” item – and it’s purple.

The beverage, being hashtagged on social media as simply #PurpleDrink, has no official recipe – as is reportedly the case with all Starbucks “secret menu” concoctions – but asking a barista to make you a Purple Drink of your own isn’t too tough: the magic mixture is passionfruit iced tea made with soy milk and spiked with vanilla syrup and scoops blackberries (according to

It’s been a good few weeks for Starbucks on social media. Earlier this month, an equally as Instagrammable Starbucks unofficial beverage, nicknamed “Pink Drink,” took the internet by storm. At this point, you could practically put together an all Starbucks drink version of Reservoir Dogs.

“Our customers are always trying out new ways to customize their favorite drinks – Purple Drink is a perfect example of that!” a company spokesperson said according to Thrillist. “We’re blown away with the reaction on social media.” I’d be blown away too: You can’t pay for that kind of promotion if you tried. In fact, why does Starbucks even need to pay a spokesperson? Seems like you could find a whole group of customers willing to do it for free.