By Aly Walansky
Updated March 30, 2016
Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ Getty Images

Today, wine-spiked frappuccinos – the beverage you wish you could have been ordering off the secret menu all along – are arriving at Starbucks. Unfortunately, you will have to get on a plane to Japan to get a taste.

Known as a Wine Fraggino, it’s a blend of Hokkaido blueberry wine and ice.

The new blended cocktail will launch at the Tokyo Starbucks Evening Store, a café where you can also score cheese, small plates and other types of cocktails.

The wine fraggino will run about $8 US, which is actually not all that much more than the $5.25 it costs for a venti, non-wine Frappuccino.

In a perfect world, Starbucks Evening Stores would be available for us to enjoy all day everywhere, but right now you can find them (minus the wine frappe) at selected locations during primetime hours across the US.

Alright Starbucks, we’re waiting for the next move. We’re thinking salted caramel mochatini.