Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

If you love this spooky season, but pumpkin spice leaves you feeling a little less-than-thrilled, don’t count Starbucks out completely. The coffee chain’s Count Dracula drink, the Frappula, is back just in time for Halloween. Inspired by the famous vampire, the blended beverage is a white chocolate mocha frappuccino layered on a bed of dark mocha syrup and drizzled with strawberry sauce for a bloody frightful effect. It’s all topped off with whipped cream and, if your barista’s really in the spirit, there might even be a couple of “bite” marks.

Starbucks introduced the Frappula last fall, and while it has a seasonal aesthetic, the ingredients are all on the normal year-round menu so don’t fret if you develop a taste for blood, er, strawberry in your mocha. It’s just another way you can ring in All Hallow’s Eve by becoming the creeps we’re supposed to fear, like brain-eating zombies or drinking until you’re as well-preserved as a mummy. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a Frappula waiting for me at the counter, assuming they spelled Vlad correctly.

[h/t Delish]