By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 02, 2015
Credit: iStockphoto

The news that Starbucks would deliver coffee door to door and that people might not have to venture out to one of the 11,000+ stores to get their various spiced lattes was hailed by many coffee addicts as excellent news. Well today the coffee giant started testing its delivery service in its home base of Seattle. So far it seems to be working as expected, as long as one of the things you expected was an additional $5.99 flat delivery charge on top of the cost of the order. If you’re ordering coffee for you and a dozen of your closest friends, the fee is not such a big deal, but as with many delivery services, people will likely want to use it to get solo deliveries when they just don’t feel like going out. And for those ordering alone, it will more than double the cost of their coffee. The reason for the relatively hefty fee is because Starbucks is working with courier service Postmates to actually carry out the coffee deliveries—the fee is on par with similar delivery costs from Postmates partners like Chipotle. A Postmates courier actually goes into a local Seattle Starbucks store, picks up an order and then brings it to the delivery location. Customers can track their coffee’s progress with the Starbucks app.

The program is currently in pilot stages and only delivering to the Downtown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Madison Park and SoDo neighborhoods in Seattle, but if all goes well Starbucks delivery could come to a neighborhood near you in the future. Just don’t forget to tip your coffee carrier.