By Crystal Sykes
Updated October 19, 2015
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On Halloween, a lemon wedge just won’t do.

It’s time for your Halloween extravaganza: the walls are lined with spider webs, spooky ghosts and skulls. All your guests are wearing the scariest costumes you’ve ever seen, but something looks very underdressed—your cocktails. Why should they miss out on all the fun?

There’s no better way to add a bit of horror to your drinking experience than with some spooky garnishes. Turn a cocktail olive into a bloodshot eyeball and slip it into your guest’s Gibson, Dirty Martini or Bloody Mary, where it can stare them down all night.

Or, fill a punch bowl with your favorite potion, like the Pear of Apples Punch or Jack-o-Lantern Punch, then add some shrunken heads, bound to horrify your party-goers with each ladleful.

Cherries? Boring. An orange twist? Save it. These Halloween garnishes will bring a trick to every treat.