It’s not every day you get to drink a cocktail inspired by a dog. But starting tonight at the San Francisco bar Trick Dog, that’s exactly what’s on the menu.
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Credit: Sonya Yu

It’s not every day you get to drink a cocktail inspired by a real-life dog. But starting tonight at the San Francisco bar Trick Dog, that’s exactly what’s on the menu. The bar, run by the Bon Vivants, launches a new cocktail menu every six months, each of which is based on a different, somewhat whimsical theme. (Past menus have been inspired by Zodiac signs, Pantone colors, and the team’s favorite records—including a cocktail based on Hall & Oates’ She's Gone, made with Atlantico white rum, Clear Creek pear brandy, sirop Provencal, lemon and tonic, as well as one based on Elvis Presley's That's All Right, made with Suze, orgeat, Denizen rum and lime.) Their next menu, which debuts today, features twelve new cocktails, all inspired by adorably furry canine friends like Mo (pictured). Organized as a 2016 calendar, there’s a drink for every month—and each drink corresponds with that month’s canine centerfold. The models include Bon Vivants co-founder Josh Harris’s bulldog, Stephen, and chef Thomas McNaughton’s Maremma, Ellie.

The Trick Dog team had been tossing around the idea of doing a calendar for awhile: "It has the right number of drinks, and it fits our model of creating fun, printed items that convey information but aren't traditional menus," says Morgan Schick, Creative Director of Bon Vivants. "And of course we all love dogs." They'll be selling the calendars with the proceeds benefiting Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Northern California Family Dog Rescue. Guests at Trick Dog are encouraged to vote for their favorite puppy pinup: Just post a photo from the bar and use the hashtag for your favorite pup. At the end of the year, the dog whose hashtag receives the most votes throughout the six-month run of the menu will be named "Best in Show" and will be celebrated with treats, scratches and serious bragging rights. Here's a sneak peek at the cocktail menu:

January "Raja": Jameson Black barrel whiskey, Gran Classico, shiso, vanilla, lemon, white sage, egg white
February "Sunday & Stephen": DonQ Anejo & Atlantico white rums, cream sherry, papaya, rice, honey, key lime
March "Tessie": Diplomatico white rum, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, Campari, strawberry, bonito, lime, soda
April "Ellie": Absolut vodka, Dolin blanc vermouth, Suze, green grapes, tarragon, lime
May "Frank": Tapatio blanco tequila, Tempus Fugit Kina L'Avion d'Or, sunflower seed, sweet lime
June "Waffles": Junipero gin, Trick Dog Cup (apple, cucumber, tea, hibiscus, fig), Dolin rouge vermouth, Bitter Lemon soda
July "Comet": Fighting Cock bourbon, Amaro Lucano, blackberry, Shiraz, Dale's Pale Ale, chipotle, lemon, sharp cheddar
August "Mo": Tequila Ocho reposado, Amarao Meletti, El Maestro Sierra fino sherry, malted milk ball
September "Juno": Bruichladdich single malt scotch, Pierre Ferrand cognac, ume plum, stone fruit bitters, dill
October "Trotter and Winter": Tanqueray 10 gin, umami vermouth, Galliano, tomolive
November "Mary Jane": Old Forrester bourbon, pear & pecan vermouth, Mandarine Napoleon, Abbott's bitters
December "Charlie" George Dickel rye, coconut, coffee bean, sandalwood