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Tyler Tate loves single-origin coffee. The uniqueness of beans grown—not just in a single country but on a single farm—led him to found Crema, a new coffee subscription service devoted to great coffee and the people who grow it. “It’s not just the taste; single origin has more of an identity. You feel like you actually get to know the person growing it,” he says. The stories of those growers will be front and center to users of Crema, which will exclusively feature single-origin coffee.

Unlike many other services, which are curated, Tate is flipping the subscription model around so coffee drinkers can build their own coffee queues tailored to their specific tastes.

The Crema website will allow users to search using different coffee parameters—roasting styles, flavor profile, country of origin—which is a great way to seek out new coffee if you know what you’re looking for. But Tate also has a plan for curious, aspiring coffee nerds who might not yet know what they want. Users can have public profiles on which they keep their “brewlists.” Think of them like coffee versions of the playlists you find on iTunes or Spotify. You will be able to see lists from not only friends but some of coffee’s big names as well. Tate is already working with groups like the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and as he continues to finalize a preliminary stable of roasters, he plans to include dream brew lists from other coffee celebrities and elite baristas.

Tate plans to launch Crema this summer and has a Kickstarter that will run until April 4. If you want a phenomenal cup of coffee with a great story to go with it, you can donate here.