We currently exist in a rather lame, intermediate time when it comes to Siri. We’ve uncovered and exhausted all of her pithy responses to our dumb questions, but the technology hasn’t yet advanced to the point that she can be our artificially intelligent best friend, which, let’s be real, is what the majority of lonely iPhone users secretly want. She can, however, make us a cup of coffee. It just takes a little hacking, a little money and a little duct tape. YouTuber Tom atg used the automation platform at openHAB to integrate his iPhone with most everything in his home letting him set up dance parties, romantic evenings and morning cups of coffee. All he has to do is call out some preprogrammed commands.

According to Tom the whole set up cost him just about $150 and while his flat may not look quite like an apartment from the movie Her, it brews up a morning cup just the same. Now if he could just get it to add a little milk and sugar we’d really be in business.