By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 12, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Avery Soda

Every presidential election year, all sorts of people come out of the woodwork with bizarre ways they say can predict the winner of the race to the White House. The “Redskins Rule” says that when DC’s NFL team wins its final home game before the election the incumbent party retains its leadership. Halloween mask sales have supposedly accurately nailed the winner since 1980. In 2012, even a Squirrel named Gnocchi was heralded as a president-picking savant until the silly rodent ate more Romney nuts than Obama nuts and ruined his own career.

For the past two election cycles, Avery’s Beverages claims they’ve been able to tell you who’s going to win based on soda sales. Back in 2008, the brand’s first batch of Barack O’Berry sold better than John McCream. Then when Avery’s brought Barack O’Berry back in 2012, the beverage beat out Cream de Mitt when it came to customers who voted with their dollars.

This year, the New Britain, Connecticut-based company is offering up two new soda varieties – Trump Tonic and Hillary Hooch – hoping that the drinks sold at local grocery stores and its own facility will once again prove to be an accurate harbinger of a vote to come.

So what turns a candidate into a carbonated beverage? Avery’s general manager Rob Metz told the Associated Press that Trump Tonic – sold with the slogan “Make America grape again” is a both bolder and more acidic than traditional grape soda. Meanwhile, Hillary Hooch is a berry soda, but beyond that, the ingredients are jokingly classified. “It's not sure exactly what it wants to be,” Metz said of the Clinton-inspired drink. “So we've got some strawberry in there, we've got some blue raspberry in there and we added a bunch of lemon for bitterness.”

If you don’t live anywhere near Connecticut, but still want to follow along on Soda Sales 2016, Avery says it’ll be posting a poll each week on the company’s Facebook page. Or if either candidate is feeling especially superstitious, maybe they might want to consider buying up all of their soda themselves. I’m pretty sure neither Trump nor Clinton is particularly short on cash.