Credit: © Shotshop GmbH / Alamy

If happy hour gets a little out of control this evening and you wake up tomorrow with a hangover, maybe you can blame your glass.

A study at the University of Bristol’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (or at least that’s what they tell their wives it is) found that people in pubs drink slower when they’re drinking out of a straight glass than they do when drinking out of a curved glass. Explaining the reasoning, David Troy, one of the researchers involved in the study, said, “It seems it’s more difficult to tell how much you’re drinking from a curved glass.”

To carry out the research, groups were monitored at three different pubs over the course of two weekends. Researchers swapped the type of glasses from one weekend to the next and found that when the bars used straight glasses, they made 24 percent less than they did when using curved glasses.

Troy did note: “However, only a limited number of pubs took part over a short time scale, so the results are preliminary and need to be treated with caution.” Um, I’m thinking you’d find plenty of volunteers if you wanted to give the study another whirl!

[h/t Munchies]