By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 11, 2016

If broadcasting your selfie-taking obsession to the world by carrying around a selfie stick feels like a bit much, Coca-Cola Israel recently introduced a more covert selfie-taking device: The Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle.

The selfie-snapping Coke bottle sounds pretty simple: The camera is a plastic attachment (that looks a little bit like a shoe with the camera lens positioned at the toe) that is designed to hook onto the end of a half-liter Coca-Cola bottle. This smart attachment also has a built in sensor so whenever the bottle is tilted more than 70 degrees – in other words, when you take a sip – a selfie is snapped. So make sure you’re drinking with something cool in the background!

According to Adeevee, Coca-Cola tried out the selfie bottles over the summer as part of its Coca-Cola Summer Love event. During the campaign, these selfies were automatically uploaded to the user’s Snapchat as well as the soda brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages where people could tag themselves. The company described the whole concept as a way to share moments just by drinking. And luckily Coke products are non-alcoholic, as opposed to what you usually do which is “overshare” just by drinking.

Of course, the idea of a Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle does have one major issue: Every single photo will feature you drinking a Coke. Beyond being a bit redundant after, it’s also hard to show off your best smiles when you have a bottle shoved in your mouth. But hey, at least there’ll be thousands of photos for people to remember you by when you die from sugar consumption.