Credit: © Paul Johnson / Getty Images

While everyone else is still jumping on Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte bandwagon, true innovators are out their looking for the next big thing. Could it be acorn squash lattes? This latest creation is on the at Seattle’s Roy Street Coffee & Tea – a coffeehouse owned and run by… Starbucks. Looks like Starbucks is finally beating Starbucks at its own game!

First, some quick history: Back in 2009, Starbuck decided to open a few concept stores that would be owned by Starbucks but otherwise would be devoid of everything that makes a Starbucks a Starbucks. Roy Street Coffee & Tea in Seattle was created as a part of this plan and is possibly the only one of these “inspired by Starbucks” stores left in the US – still operating as a bit of an experimental lab for the company.

Right now, that lab is testing up “Acorn Squash” lattes, made in-house from what Roy Street’s website calls “a special blend of acorn squash puree, maple syrup, cumin, cardamom, fresh ginger, and cinnamon. The blog site Starbucks Melody described the final product as “a fall drink but a little more savory,” stating that “the maple base of the syrup gives it plenty of sweetness but the lovely fall flavors come through too.”

Will ASLs replace PSLs as everyone’s favorite new fall drink? We don’t know yet, but if you want to say you knew about acorn squash lattes before they were cool, you can grab one until November 23 at Roy Street. Hopefully they accept your Starbucks gift card. Maybe just slide it to them real stealth like.