By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 11, 2015
© Samuel Adams

When we sat down with Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams beer, he tried for a moment to figure out how many beers he’s brewed in the 31 years he has run the brewery. Hundreds was the closest estimate he could give, although he retired most of them long ago. But a couple of those beers are coming back, and you get to pick which ones.

Koch and his team dug through their massive recipe vault to put together a list of 16 beers that for one reason or another just didn’t make it into the regular rotation. And starting today, you can log on and vote for which ones you’d like to see again. The list includes a pretty broad range of styles and decades (several of the beers vanished long before we had hit legal drinking age).

Sam Adams will brew the top four and take them on tour this summer to beer festivals around the country. The two most popular brews will get wide release all over the country in early 2016.

Here’s the full list of candidate beers.

  • Black & Brew Coffee Stout (2011)
  • Black Lager (2004)
  • Blackberry Witbier (2008)
  • Honey Porter (2002)
  • Mighty Oak Ale (2011)
  • Pale Ale (1999)
  • Brown Ale (2005)
  • Cranberry Lambic (1990)
  • East West Kolsch (2011)
  • Revolutionary Rye Ale (2010)
  • Rustic Saison (2011)
  • Scotch Ale (1995)
  • Vienna Lager (2002)
  • Weiss Bier (2001)
  • Golden Pilsner (1996)
  • Hefeweizen (2003)

You can cast your vote here and then wait for the sampling to begin. Although if you plan to try all the winners, you might want to utilize one of Koch’s little secrets to avoid feeling any ill effects the next day.