By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 11, 2014
© Alexandra Schuler/dpa/Corbis

We are officially into wedding season and as someone who did actually brew the beer for his own wedding alone, I can attest that it would have been much better to have a helping hand in the process. The hoppy mess in the dining room did not leave my bride-to-be in a fantastic mood. It did leave some interesting patterns on the floor, though.

Your experience can be different, because you can get that support from Sam Adams’s very own brewmaster. As a special addition to the company’s third annual Brewlywed series (you can actually get married onsite, too on June 18), America’s largest craft brewery will make Bob Cannon (he’s the one with the giant beard in all of the commercials) your beer Yoda, guiding you through the entire process of home-brewing a batch of beer for your guests. He will help you develop a recipe, provide you with all of the ingredients, bring you a home-brew kit and even lend you one of his designers to make a label.

The whole experience comes with a price tag of $10,000, but can’t you just register for this? You don’t need 100 people getting you napkin rings to match your dishes, do you? Plus the proceeds all go to charity, benefiting Brides Across America, which helps military brides get ready for their special days. Because it is such a specialized item, Sam Adams is offering this to only one lucky buyer.

So set your calendars for June 20 at noon ET to be first in line to buy it. Trust me from experience: It will be better than trying to lug 60 pounds of boiling beer across your apartment on your own.