Credit: Courtesy of Keurig

Keurig is the number one maker of machines that instantly make hot drinks – primarily coffee. People love the SodaStream. So why couldn’t Keurig make an extra buck by trying to edge in on that instant soda market? That seemed to be the thinking that spawned the Keurig Kold.

But as we all know, when you mix hot liquids with cold liquids, you get something lukewarm, which aptly describes how the public received Keurig’s now-discontinued cold beverage system. Despite having a number of advantages, including a partnership with Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple and the ability to spit beverages out at “the ideal chilled temperature,” less than nine months after we first reported on Keurig Kold, the product has been pulled from the market.

As I pointed out when the Kold was originally released, the cost was somewhat prohibitive, not just because of the initial $369.99 price tag, but also because beverages retailed for between $4.49 and $4.99 for a four-pack of 8-ounce drink-producing pods. It’s like movie theater prices in the convenience of your own home! (Maybe that should have been Keurig’s tagline.)

Luckily, if you were a loyal Keurig fan who shelled out for a Kold machine, the company is “proactively reaching out to consumers that either purchased directly from Keurig or subsequently registered their product.” “We value the trust our consumers put in the Keurig brand and believe that offering a refund is the right thing to do,” a company spokesperson said, according to Consumerist. They’ve even launched a website – – to help people get their money back.

Sadly, how the hell Keurig Kold users are supposed to get an ice cold Coca-Cola moving forward remains a mystery. Maybe one day someone will invent a refrigerating box that is large enough to hold prepackaged sodas.