By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 07, 2015
© Julia Auerbach Photography

If you like your beer ice-cold, nothing beats pulling a frosty mug out of the freezer. But what if you could forgo the mug entirely? What if the ice was the mug?

That’s the logic behind the nICE Mug, a make-your-own-mug-out-of-ice kit created by Glenn Auerbach, an entrepreneur from Minnesota (where they know a thing or two about ice).

The process is simple: Fill the mold, toss it in your freezer for the day, thaw it just enough to get it out of the mold, then place your solid ice mug in its plastic holder. Pour in whatever you want to drink on ice and enjoy.

The concept certainly isn’t perfect. They admit on their website that the “mug” will only last for about “5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how well your water freezes,” before it inevitably springs a leak.

That said, it’s a fun concept for a warm day or, as the designer repeatedly suggests, drinking in your sauna (which, I believe, the surgeon general might have different feelings about).

At the very least, pulling a mug made out of ice from your freezer is a far more impressive parlor trick than just handing a friend that same old frosty mug they’ve seen a million times before.