By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 17, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Box Steam Brewery

Santa’s got some stiff competition this year now that a British brewery has started delivering something with a reindeer-drawn sleigh that is a lot more important than presents: booze.

Wiltshire’s Box Steam Brewery (who you may remember as supplying the highest bar in England) has enlisted the help of two reindeer named Cupid and Comet – probably not the same ones Santa uses – to power a traditional wooden sleigh and make cask deliveries to nearby pubs. The brewery made its first drop this past Tuesday. And though it was probably a bit slower trip than using the company’s usual diesel van, it’s definitely a lot more festive.

Reindeer power is also more environmentally-friendly, the brewery points out. “We use an energy-efficient steam kettle to produce our ales, so this draydeer-powered service is really just an extension of our commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint,” said managing director Andy Roberts, according to the Belfast Telegraph. Unless he’s had a bit too much of his own product, I’m guess that’s a bit of a joke.

Regardless, delivering beer via reindeer is a fun idea. And maybe if you’re on the upper echelon of the nice list, you can even convince the beer sleigh to swing by your house.