Credit: © David Prince

Sick of all the fun and joy that comes with drinking red wine but still want to bask in its health benefits? A powdered red wine will do the trick.

BioHarvest, an Israeli company planning to move to New York, recently unveiled a product called VINIA Red Grape Powder. The “biofood” (meaning it’s sold as a food despite its supplement-like sales pitch) claims to pack an entire bottle’s worth of resveratrol, the compound in red wine with alleged positive health effects, in one pill. But just in case, VINIA is also packed with a bunch of other polyphenols found in wine and grapes.

Just what are these benefits? According to the company’s marketing, their product “helps dilate your blood vessels, which in turn promotes healthy blood circulation, aids healthy arteries and supports blood pressure already within a normal range.”

If you’re desperate to get all your favorite chemical compounds like resveratrol, quercetin, tannins, catechins and anthocyanins without the sugar, calories or alcohol of red wine, sprinkling this powder over your food or into your beverage may seem like as good a way as any.

Though VINIA may benefit your health, it’s not great for your wallet. According to Food Navigator, “a month’s supply of VINIA costs $120.”

We wonder what would happen if you mixed VINIA into your glass of red wine? Double the health?