By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 24, 2015
© Reuters/CORBIS

Yes, this is the real life. This isn’t just fantasy. Queen is getting a beer named after their classic 1975 hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of epic singalong (whether you like it or not!) from Queen’s A Night at the Opera album, the band has decided to release “Queen Bohemian Lager” – a “golden hoppy” beer brewed in the Czech Republic.

Calling the beer a “Bohemian Lager” is more than just a catchy name intended to fit the song. The beer is brewed by the Schwarzenberg brewery in Protivin in the Czech Republic’s region of South Bohemia – an area with a long tradition of beer making. In fact, the brewery dates all the way back to at least 1598 – which is probably the same year millennials think the first Queen record was released. This new ‘70s rock brew is actually based on an existing beer, the Bohemian Czech Pilsner.

The lager also features a distinctive Queen label including the Queen crest that Freddie Mercury designed when he was a student at Ealing Art College.

You can buy six packs of Queen Bohemian Lager online for £12.00. Though knowing the way the music industry works, I’m guessing if you look around the Internet long enough, you can probably find a way to download the beer illegally.