You don't have to love gin to want this bottle.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017
© Forest Gin

Silent Pool might lay claim to the world’s biggest bottle of gin, but Forest Gin just unveiled what might be the most beautiful. While the small-batch UK-made gin has been available since January of 2015, this new release fulfills the distillery’s original vision for its product.

Owners Karl, Lindsay and Harriet Bond always wanted their gin to be made (and bottled) with locally sourced materials, The Spirits Business reports. But the first release of their gin appeared in German stoneware bottles. When the opportunity arose to switch to local, Staffordshire porcelain, the family-run business jumped on it.

The hand-stenciled label depicts an arched weasel, designed by British folk artist Suzy Taylor, who specialized in paper cutouts. Needless to say, these bottles are not destined for the recycling bin.