By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 16, 2015

Considering his sommelier status, Pope Francis probably has a glass of wine or two before bed (no matter how many people try to make beer for him). But what does he drink in the morning? Apparently the answer is some very serious coffee.

For his upcoming trip to the United States, Pope Francis was interested in getting a special blend made just for the occasion. Somehow (divine intervention?) the Vatican decided to reach out to Tracey Allen, a master coffee taster from Kansas City. After spending a couple of decades working at Folger’s, eight years ago Allen decided to go out on his own and open the coffee consulting firm Brewed Behavior, a company that scours the globe to create unique blends for better-tasting coffee. His work has apparently earned him some very pious fans, and now, Brewed Behavior—which also has offices in Italy—has gotten an order for 60 pounds of a papal blend. Good luck finding that in your local Starbucks.

Sadly, Allen, who is a devout Catholic, said he’s not going to get to meet Pope Francis face-to-face. Who’d have thought the pope was a “grab your coffee and go” type.