By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 28, 2015
© Craig Barritt / Getty Images

What’s the deal with police shutting down kids’ lemonade stands? That’s the problem Jerry Seinfeld had to deal with last week when police in East Hampton closed down a charitable lemonade stand his family was running on their property.

According to the East Hampton Press, Village Police Chief Jerry Larsen said his force had received a complaint about people illegally parking near the stand. Upon arrival, officers informed the Seinfeld family that the village code prohibits all forms of peddling, meaning the lemonade stand would have to go—this despite the fact that they were raising money for a good cause, Baby Buggy, the charity Seinfeld’s wife founded in 2001 to help families in need.

The good news for the Seinfelds? They won’t be a family in need of a lawyer. The shutdown appears to have gone peacefully, with members of the Seinfeld clan even posing for a campy “arrest photo” on Instagram that prominently features a police car in the background.

Meanwhile, the whole incident provides a valuable lesson for kids everywhere: No matter how rich and famous your dad is, you can still get busted by the police. Isn’t that like a subsection of the American Dream?

[h/t Grub Street]