By Aly Walansky
Updated March 09, 2016
© Grant Faint / Getty

Playboy is most famous for a certain unfolding section of its magazines, but it has been a massive lifestyle brand for decades, marketing themselves in all sorts of random ways. The newest of those random ways? A beer garden—in Pune, India.

As Playboy goes through growing pains and modifications—they just stopped including nude photos in their centerfolds for the first time since their launch in 1953—a rebranding and diversifying was absolutely in order. While the brand has launched supper clubs and casinos, this is their first beer garden concept.

“The beer garden is not just a beer café but will also have its own brewery. Our strategy globally has been focused on night clubs, but for India we came up with the idea of a beer garden. One of the reasons for this is India is a ‘young’ market. We are designing a fantastic fusion of fine dining, entertainment, music and some freshly brewed beer,” Parag Sanghavi, chairman of PB Lifestyle told Business Standard.

As a way of merging Playboy history with Indian culture, former Playboy bunny and Bollywood star Sunny Leone appeared at the launch party.

The beer garden will have an in-house brewery with the capacity to produce 8,000 liters of beer a month and will be followed up by a 12,000 sq. ft. beer garden in Bengaluru later this year.