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Some people suggest playing music for your baby while he’s still in the womb, but what about music for your beer while it’s still in the aging barrel?

We don’t yet know if the music has much of an effect on babies or beer, but Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company plans to get an answer for at least one of those subjects. Dock Street’s Wu-Tang Clan-inspired golden saison, Ain’t Nuthin’ to Funk With, will spend six months barrel-aging with a Wu-Tang Spotify playlist rocking nonstop.

“I listen to music every day in the brewery, and I've wanted to do a series of beers based on the music I like,” head brewer Vince Desrosiers told Philadelphia magazine. “My musical taste is all over the place, and Wu-Tang seemed like a great place to start.”

Desrosiers even showed off the process via a video on his Twitter account. In it, you can hear the brew being loudly serenaded by an Ol' Dirty Bastard-fronted track from Wu-Tang Forever called—ahem—“Dog Shit.” Hopefully, it isn’t an indication of how the beer will taste. For their part, Dock Street describes the forthcoming brew as having a “spicy pineapple and orange-tart flavor.”

Though the Wu-Tang beer still has some time to go, Desrosiers is already plotting his next musical brew, aged alongside tunes from Run the Jewels. That beer may taste a bit more repetitive: Run the Jewels has nowhere near as big a catalog as the Wu.