Credit: © Arny Raedts / Alamy

Pabst is returning to their roots: opening a new brewery in their former hometown of Milwaukee and planning to brew old recipes that modern PBR drinkers probably have never even heard of.

The makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon announced this week they’d be coming back to Milwaukee, a place where the now LA-based company hasn’t brewed beer since 1996. The new microbrewery and tasting room will even be in a building on their old Pabst Brewery site downtown. Once open, the company says they plan to experiment with some of the old recipes from their archives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Golda Meir Library and at the Milwaukee County Historical Society. These beers include names like Old Tankard Ale, Kloster Beer and other brews that haven’t seen people’s livers since before Prohibition.

The beloved hipster brand may even try to teach themselves some new tricks and work on some new recipes, said Eugene Kashper, Pabst’s chairman and chief executive officer. “It's very exciting for us to have this innovation laboratory,” Kashper told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, though he also hinted that the company which has essentially been around since 1844 wouldn’t necessarily try to reinvent the wheel with new ideas. "We will always try to tie that back to our roots.”

Pabst has seen PBR sales stagnate as of late. It’ll be interesting to see if the brand can recruit new drinkers by parading out beers.