By Joey Skladany
Updated August 05, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

If competitive drinking is your sport of choice, we challenge you to our Official Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game. Because nothing says "Go Team USA!" quite like a Friday evening alcohol binge and subsequent Saturday morning hangover.

What You’ll Need

- A cocktail recipe that is easy to sip. To capture the spirit of Brazil (but not the armed robbery or Zika part), we recommend a classic Caipirinha.

- A pilsner beer, since it is the most popular type in Brazil

- Cachaça (or your favorite liquor)

- A medal, if you have it. A long necklace will also suffice.

How this Works

You listen to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira and we'll provide the sipping cues (see: Rules). Please drink responsibly. Or at least more responsibly than Russian athletes or Olympic village architects.



You are hosting this party: Put on the medal and take a shot before the ceremony begins.

A country you didn’t know existed is announced: Sip your beer.

Going into a commercial break, NBC plays Katy Perry’s “Rise”: Everyone in the room must stand up. The last person to stand up must take a shot. They will then have to wear the medal.

A country you’ve traveled to is announced: Sip your beer.

Meredith describes a country’s costumes as “unique”: Sip your drink.

There is a technical difficulty: Assign someone to take a shot if you are the first person to notice it.

You see an American athlete with red, white and blue nail polish: Go around in a circle and name something red, white or blue in the room. The person who either repeats an answer or stalls must take a shot and wear the necklace.

Michael Phelps almost hits someone with the flag: Sip your drink for five seconds.

Zika virus is mentioned: Poke someone in the room. The number of pokes = the number of seconds you have to chug your drink.

Matt says “wow”: Sip your beer.

You spot Usain Bolt: Make a complete lap around the couch. The last one to sit back down in their spot has to wear the medal.

Donald Trump happens to be mentioned: Throw your drink into a wall. Just kidding. Take a shot of cachaça.

You are the last person wearing the medal: Chug the rest of your drink. Congratulations! You’re an Olympic Drinking Game champion and have made your country proud.