By Joey Skladany
Updated July 21, 2016
Credit: © Ware/Getty Images

If you, like many Americans, may require an obscene amount of alcohol to stomach Trump’s speech tonight, we have you covered. Introducing the official Donald Trump Republican National Convention Speech Drinking Game. The purpose? To get you effed up, but not as effed up as our country’s current political climate.

What You'll Need

- A cocktail recipe that is easy to sip. To capture the spirit of red and Trump's mane, we recommend the Redhead in Bed. The drink pairs well with the NRA, Paul Ryan and evangelical groups.

- Your favorite beer

- Shots of whatever liquor suits your fancy. We’d recommend keeping the alcohol consistent with what’s in your mixed drink.

How This Works

You do the watching and we'll provide the sipping cues (see: Rules). Please drink responsibly. Or at least more responsibly than what Trump tweets while sober.


If Trump...

Is wearing a red tie: Everyone must go around in a circle and name something that is red in the room. The person who either repeats an answer or stalls must take a shot to kick off the night.

Says the word “huge": Chug your beer for the length of the applause that follows. You must do this every time.

Says the word "ISIS": Take two sips of beer.

Uses the adjective “beautiful“ to describe anyone in his family: Hold a modeling pose like Melania. The first person to laugh must sip his or her mixed drink for five seconds.

Calls Hillary a criminal: Put your hands behind your back as if they are cuffed. Then take a shot by only using your mouth. The last person to finish his or her shot must also chug their beer for five seconds.

Discusses Mexico, China or Russia: Take a sip of your mixed drink.

Mentions Ted Cruz: Everyone has to shout “lyin' Ted.” The last person to do so must chug his or her mixed drink for five seconds.

Brings up guns for the first time: Everyone must immediately place a finger on their nose. The last one to do so has to shotgun a beer.

Ends his speech with a signature thumbs up: Initiate thumb war with the person sitting next to you. Losers must chug their mixed drink for ten seconds.

Already declares himself as November's winner: Shake your head in bewilderment and cry because this is our new normal.