Credit: © Guinness

To most people, Guinness means a dark, heady stout, but the company may be looking to change that with today's announcement of a new line of “limited edition luxury beers.” The first release will land in bars and stores this November and is called 1759—named for when it all began, the year Arthur Guinness founded St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin.

And this brew is going to be a pretty serious departure from Guinness’ other efforts. The group has dabbled in a few other styles before, including a black lager, an English Ale and as of last month a blonde. (Note: Guinness' blonde is a lager styled after Depression-era American beers, unlike the more modern ales that might come to mind). 1759 is an amber ale that uses peated whiskey malt and is based on a recipe that’s almost as old as the brewery itself . At 9% ABV (more than double one of the brand's regular stouts), it’s trying to wedge itself right into a beer market that is much boozier than it used to be.

The 25.4 ounce bottles will cost $34.99, which is certainly on the high end, but drinking one will leave you in pretty limited company. Guinness is only going to make 90,000 bottles of 1759, which for reference, is about how much stout Guinness brews in a hour according director Doug Campbell. And once those 90,000 bottles are gone, there won’t be any more. “We will brew it one time only and then basically throw out the recipe,” says Cambell. So if you are lad or lass who likes Guinness, you’ll have to snap one up quickly.