Credit: Courtesy of Raleigh Beer Garden

Can I interest you in a beer? How about 366 of them? That’s how many brews North Carolina’s new Raleigh Beer Garden plans to have on tap once all their draft lines are up and running – a number they’re hoping will give them the most taps of anywhere in the world. They’re even in talks with Guinness to claim their world record.

If it sounds a bit excessive, just listen to the details. The bottom floor will have 144 draft lines, all of which (yeah, all) will dispense only local North Carolina beers. According to the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, the state currently only has 132 breweries so if the beer garden’s beer buyer does things right, patrons could theoretically grab a draft from every brewer in the entire state in one sitting!

But of course, people brew beer outside of NC, so thankfully the second floor will feature an additional 222 draft lines with beers from across the country and around the world. That is assuming you’re able to make it up the stairs to the second floor after giving all those local beers a try.

Not a beer fan? Don’t worry; just head up to the third floor (of course there’s a third floor) which goes by the name of Spiritual, what Forbes described as “a high-end cocktail bar featuring locally distilled spirits.” Now, if they would just tell me which floor to hit to get a water.

Raleigh Beer Garden only opened to the public this past Tuesday and their beer list is still building up steam. According to their website, which features what they call an “interactive draft beer menu,” the bar currently only has 104 beers on draft. Hopefully they have someone dedicated to keeping the list up to date: That job alone sounds like more work than it takes to run your average pub.