By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 23, 2016
© Alexandre Wing of MoJoe Brewing Co.

We know, we know. You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to spend painstakingly brewing a cup of pourover coffee every morning. And we also know the thought of drinking instant coffee makes you want to do this:

So a company called Mojoe created a coffee cup to deal specifically with you and your coffee conundrums. The Mojoe travel cup claims to be the first coffee cup that will actually brew fresh ground coffee for you—in the car, on the train or at your desk. The brewing process doesn’t quite come with the precision of lovingly adding water from your gooseneck kettle to the grounds in your Chemex, but considering the constraints under which the Mojoe has to work, it sounds impressive. Mojoe brews using a process its engineers invented called VacDrip. A heating element in the cup brings the water up to precisely 200 degrees, then the resulting steam pushes the water over the grounds housed in a compartment at the top of the cup and completing the brew.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign last year the cups will be shipping out this summer and are available for preorder right now for $89.99.

Now if someone could just figure out a way to add a tiny barista to this thing we’d be on the verge of a coffee brewing singularity.