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Credit: Leon Bennett

Are you ready for some football? If the NFL's latest ratings are any indication, then no, you are not.

Despite being the most-watched program on television, Sunday Night football has experienced a drastic decline in viewership this year. 12-19 percent weekly, in fact, which is an alarming and significant drop from 2015's average of nearly 20 million viewers across the networks. (We blame Tom Brady and Donald Trump.)

According to a report from Marketplace, nearly 10 percent of business for sports bars comes from NFL games. This means your favorite local establishment may be taking a significant hit this quarter.

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the first major restaurants to announce a two percent decline in sales, which does not bode well for small business owners who lack the same marketing budgets as BWW.

Americans really need to take a step back and remember that pizza, beer and wings don't require professional sporting events to taste delicious. A team's success comes and goes, but fried food and alcohol are forever loyal.