Credit: © H. ARMSTRONG ROBERTS/ClassicStock/Corbis

If lately you feel like your beers have been lacking a… je ne sais quoi, a pub in New Zealand has a solution: deer semen.

The Green Man Pub in Wellington, New Zealand, has teamed up with the local Choice Bros Brewery to create a Stag Semen “Milked” Stout. Though didn’t quite get to the bottom of just how much deer semen ended up in every pint, they were informed that owner Steve Drummond considered the special ingredient to be “export quality.” In fact, he can even tell you which stag it came from: His name was “Lagoon.”

The owner also didn’t pass up the opportunity to squeeze in another double entendre—that the beer would only be available on handpumps instead of on draft. “There's only one way to serve semen stout and that's handpulling it,” Drummond quipped.

As far as how semen stout tastes, the brewer, Choice Bros’ Kerry Gray, said it had a big chocolate and roasted flavor and was extra creamy, not from the semen, but from added lactose. “The first tasting we had a couple of brewers around and we were passing it around,” Gray said. “Everyone was apprehensive but we decided we didn't really have any reason to be.”

If they thought it was awkward, just imagine how Lagoon felt…