By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 21, 2015
Credit: © Absolut Vodka

Vodka comes in all sorts of ridiculous flavors: fruity, citrusy, spicy, sweet and everything in between. That’s kind of vodka’s thing. The spirit is often described as odorless and tasteless, so it’s almost begging to be accentuated with some sort of noteworthy kick. Now big-time vodka maker Absolut hopes they have a new trick up vodka’s sleeve. In a few markets, they’ve been testing out a product called “Oak by Absolut,” an oak barrel–aged vodka that Market Watch describes as a “bourbon-flavored vodka.”

Why would anyone want to choose a bourbon-flavored vodka over, say, an actual bourbon? Market Watch’s Charles Passy says the drink is “a little bit smoother, a little bit easier” than your typical whiskey. He also says it works very well in cocktails by imparting that whiskey flavor “but in a much easier to deliver package.”

Of course, as Munchies points out, aging vodka like whiskey is probably about more than just trying something fun. In recent years, whiskey sales have soared while vodka sales have slumped. Even the flavored spirits industry has been swinging whiskey’s way, with brands like Fireball igniting an entire industry of flavored brown booze.

So if Absolut wants to try aging their vodka on oak (for at least the second time, actually), I say more power to them. In fact, why not go directly after the Fireball crowd and start making “Cinnamon-flavored Oak by Absolut”? When you reach a certain point, it’s just crap for people to get drunk off of anyway.