6 New Summer Sodas to Sip

Six new sodas we love.

When we find ourselves craving something sweet, portable, and a little bit nostalgic, a soda pop is really the only answer. The botanical extracts, herbs, floral aromas, fruits, and natural sugars are just a few reasons these delicious new-wave carbonated drinks hit the spot for picnics, road trips, and backyard hangouts.

Six New Summer Sodas To Sip
Victor Protasio

United Sodas Blackberry Jam

Jam lovers, rejoice! This fizzy, lip-puckering essence of the Marion blackberry is a perfect celebration of the best summer produce. ($35 for 12, unitedsodas.com)

Casamara Club Capo

If we could bottle up the essence of a pine forest, it would taste like Casamara Club's Capo. This blend of peppermint leaf, cloves, cardamom, and licorice root is sure to be a star in your cooler lineup. ($36 for 12, casamaraclub.com)

Casamara Club Onda

When we read "sparkling amaro soft drink" on Casamara Club's Onda label, we did a double take. Onda uses high-quality ingredients like Italian chinotto, juniper berry, and rhubarb root in a totally unexpected drink that's unlike any soda we've had before. ($36 for 12, casamaraclub.com)

Corsa Spritz

Longing for the taste of an orange Creamsicle but not so much for all the added sugars? Los Angeles–based Corsa's smooth spritz boasts a tangy bouquet of blood orange, Key lime, and Honeybell citrus that is sure to take you back in time. ($48 for 12, corsa.co)

Dona Pink Peppercorn Lemon

Who knew that peppercorns and elderberries were a match made in heaven? This is the driest soda of the group, and we fell in love with its balanced tartness and crisp, uber-refreshing carbonation. ($24 for 6, drinkdona.com or amazon.com)

Slingshot Coffee Co. Citrus Vanilla Cream Soda

Caffeine, meet carbonation: This cold-brew soda is perfectly balanced by notes of citrus and vanilla cream. ($12 for 4, slingshotcoffeecompany.com)

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