Six new sodas we love.
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When we find ourselves craving something sweet, portable, and a little bit nostalgic, a soda pop is really the only answer. The botanical extracts, herbs, floral aromas, fruits, and natural sugars are just a few reasons these delicious new-wave carbonated drinks hit the spot for picnics, road trips, and backyard hangouts.

Six New Summer Sodas To Sip
Credit: Victor Protasio

United Sodas Blackberry Jam

Jam lovers, rejoice! This fizzy, lip-puckering essence of the Marion blackberry is a perfect celebration of the best summer produce. ($35 for 12,

Casamara Club Capo

If we could bottle up the essence of a pine forest, it would taste like Casamara Club’s Capo. This blend of peppermint leaf, cloves, cardamom, and licorice root is sure to be a star in your cooler lineup. ($36 for 12,

Casamara Club Onda

When we read “sparkling amaro soft drink” on Casamara Club’s Onda label, we did a double take. Onda uses high-quality ingredients like Italian chinotto, juniper berry, and rhubarb root in a totally unexpected drink that’s unlike any soda we’ve had before. ($36 for 12,

Corsa Spritz

Longing for the taste of an orange Creamsicle but not so much for all the added sugars? Los Angeles–based Corsa’s smooth spritz boasts a tangy bouquet of blood orange, Key lime, and Honeybell citrus that is sure to take you back in time. ($48 for 12,

Dona Pink Peppercorn Lemon

Who knew that peppercorns and elderberries were a match made in heaven? This is the driest soda of the group, and we fell in love with its balanced tartness and crisp, uber-refreshing carbonation. ($24 for 6, or

Slingshot Coffee Co. Citrus Vanilla Cream Soda

Caffeine, meet carbonation: This cold-brew soda is perfectly balanced by notes of citrus and vanilla cream. ($12 for 4,