By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 06, 2015
Credit: © AC Beverage, Inc.

At this point, does cold brew coffee need any additional introduction? The tasty iced coffee alternative brewed from cold water has gone from infiltrating independent coffee houses to landing a spot on the Starbucks menu. But Charles Kleinrichert believes he’s about to take this trendy cold coffee to the next level. His company, AC Beverage, is about to roll out their new JoeTap system, which promises to add even more flavor to cold brew without actually adding anything to the drink at all, other than gas.

Cold brew coffee taps aren’t unheard of; there are even companies that will deliver kegorators of the stuff to your office. But these systems simply pump coffee out. The JoeTap system actually infuses the cold brew with gas—typically nitrogen, but it can also add a chosen percentage of carbon dioxide. The result: cold coffee that tastes brighter, creamier and/or sweeter, depending on the coffee and the added gas. This tap system can also give your brew a foamy head, like a caffeinated Guinness.

According to the Washington Post, what makes the JoeTap system unique is a patent-pending system that breaks down nitrogen into microscopic bubbles, allowing the gas to mix with the cold brew. Typically, these gas bubbles would be too big, but thanks to a special infuser, this tapping system makes pouring nitro coffee easy.

The JoeTap system is set to debut this weekend at the Specialty Coffee Association of America event. Kleinrichert claims they’ve already got some “tentative verbal orders” and hopes to be selling as many as 50 units a week in the near future.

Move over, beer. The next great draft beverage may be better suited for the morning.