By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 15, 2014

Over the weekend, a trendy new London bar opened in the most unlikely of places: an old public restroom.

Opening Ladies & Gentlemen, as the new spot is fittingly called, was actually far more difficult for owner Will Borrell than it may sound. He was initially met with resistance from locals when he tried to secure a lease for a public restroom that had been abandoned for decades. According to the London Evening Standard, one member of the Camden Council (the London borough that is now home to the bar) described the proposal as “bonkers.” But after 18 months of work, the bathroom bar is here.

Though even Borrell admitted that the space was “horrific” when he first saw it, he fell in love with its core design. According to Grub Street, since its renovation, the place is “apparently a beauty to look at, with lovely, pre-WWII marble mosaic flooring and arched beams throughout. Also, there's a wall of functioning urinals.”

“We’ve put a lot of money into a derelict building that would otherwise have been left to decay,” Borrell was quoted as saying. And he told the Kentish Towner, “There were a handful of objectors—who I understand object to most proposals in the area—but mostly I’ve been overwhelmed by the support.”

Who wouldn’t be happy to see a decaying old bathroom turned into a place where you can grab handcrafted cocktails and homemade sausage rolls and scotch eggs?