Credit: © Brooke Brady Photography

Beer pong is gross – and not just because it’s best played with Natural Light. If you’re lucky, you have to drink a beer that’s only been contaminated by a ball that someone else had their grubby hands all over. If you’re unlucky, that ball has been on parts of the floor that you’d prefer not to let your dog lay on.

Well, a group of brothers and entrepreneurs think they have found a solution. “Slip Cup” is a cup cover that fits on top of existing plastic party cups, giving your ping pong ball somewhere to land, besides in your beer. The designers also claim it was a far more complicated process than it might seem. “I know the idea looks simple but it actually took us over 8 months and 50 different prototypes just to get our patent done,” Trevor Treibt says.

Slip Cup is currently selling via a Kickstarter campaign that launched earlier this week. They’re looking to raise $70,000, which might pose a bit of a challenge being that a set of Slip Cups only costs $5. Despite not having seen them in person, that seems like a solid deal for consumers, but may make it tough to sell $70,000 worth. That’s 14,000 sets of these things. Though I guess if every single undergrad at Arizona State University buys one, they’ll be fine.