Credit: © Richard Levine / Alamy

Look, we prefer a lovingly made carafe of pour-over coffee, but we realize that the world moves fast, and sometimes you need to drop a pod in your single-serve machine and be on your way.

Now, if you’ll recall, late last year there was a dust-up in the world of coffee pods when Keurig released a machine that would only brew company-approved pods and then some enterprising hackers figured out a way around that. But now there is a way to freely brew any sort of single-serve coffee you want without the DIY aspect: the Freedom Clip.

The new Keurig machines work by looking for a unique ink printed on each pod. If a pod is missing the ink, the machine simply won’t brew. The appropriately named Freedom Clip tricks the machine into reading every pod as approved.

Not surprisingly, the clip’s producers are competitors of Keurig: Rogers Family Company. Rogers makes a number of cups that won’t work on Keurig’s new machines and is obviously hoping this will get people to use their pods more frequently.

But, in our opinion, the best news out of all this is that in addition to non-approved prepackaged cups, the clip will also allow coffee drinkers to start using refillable cups again. The readers on the new Keurig machines eliminated that possibility. That means those of us in a hurry for our morning cup of coffee will once again be able to use fresh beans, which are a welcome change from the often ancient ground coffee inside the pods.

You can order a free clip here (NOTE: You do have to subscribe to the Rogers newsletter to get it).