By Chris Mah
Updated March 09, 2015

On average, 1.5 breweries open across the country every day. With this breakneck pace of churning out unique brews, even the most knowledgeable of beer geeks has a hard time keeping up with every new inventive style. Now, the people at have released an interactive style guide to help you keep all your ales and lagers straight, whether you’re studying for your Cicerone Certification or just trying to impress your date.

The guide allows you to search through 77 different styles by name, style family, and flavor profile. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a particular style, you’re taken to an information page with key stats like ABV, IBU (for bitterness), and SRM (for color), along with tasting notes, suggested food pairings, recommended glassware, and popular commercial examples of the style. The site also features gorgeous pictures and an intuitive layout that makes searching and navigating simple, even after a second or third pint.

We’ve always believed that anyone who claims they don’t like beer just hasn’t tried the right beer. With this handy cheat sheet, we can help them find it.