By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 13, 2015
© Lauri Patterson / Getty Images

Growlers are the new container of choice for beer lovers looking to drink fresh brews at home. There’s just one little problem with jugs: You have to actually go to the brewery to get them. What year is this? The 1800s?

A new app claims to have the solution lazy fans of fresh draft beer have been looking for—at least fans of fresh draft beer who don’t think a kegerator fits in with their apartment’s shabby chic aesthetic. Hopsy, which touts itself as the country’s very first app-based and online delivery service for growlers, will launch in the East Bay area across from San Francisco this November. One of the cofounders, Sebastien Tron, says the new service will take the hassle out of using growlers by handling the glass jugs for them, as well as offering beer from many different breweries at the same time.

The new app will launch with beer from ten different Bay Area breweries like Magnolia and Moylan’s, with the hope being that they can add more breweries and expand their service area to the rest of the Bay Area, including San Francisco proper, in the near future.

The big drawback at this point is that Hopsy is not yet on demand. Orders have to be placed by Monday for delivery on Thursday or Friday. That’s a lot of extra time to get thirsty. Tron also said, though, that next-day and even same-day delivery is in the works. Until then, I’ll be getting my growlers filled by bearded men behind a bar, like some sort of colonial pioneer.