Credit: Courtesy of Somabar

When it comes to kitchen appliances to make your drinking easier, there are already some to pour you fresh beer. But now a machine called Somabar plans to take up more of your counter space by mixing your cocktails at the touch of a button.

Its makers call it the “robotic bartender for your home,” and it works sort of like a single-serve coffee brewer on steroids. Each Somabar includes six Soma pods, which users can fill with their favorite booze or mixers. Once your pods are loaded, just touch a button on your Somabar smartphone app, and the machine will take care of mixing and pouring your ingredients into whatever cocktails you can dream up. It’s all the fun of mixed drinks at home without any of the fun of mixing drinks!

Somabar has already easily reached its Kickstarter goal of $50,000, but from now until Jan. 13, you can still back the project and get the “Wi-Fi-connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen” for the early bird price of $399.

The product also has other fun social aspects, too: The app creates drink suggestions based on your ingredients and preference, and it allows you to share your drink-mixing genius with others in the Somabar community.

It certainly seems like a well-designed machine, but I have to wonder about the practicality. If you’re the kind of person who drinks martinis so often you could really benefit from having a machine that makes them for you, my guess is you’re probably already pretty handy with a bottle of gin.