By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 04, 2015
© Michael Carr

Ah, beer pong—the national pastime of American college students and people who wish they still were college students. One common knock on the game though is that it’s a little gross—plastic balls roll around on the floors of disgusting fraternity basements and you have to share cups with someone who may or may not have just finished making out with half a dozen people. A new company has designed a beer pong set with those concerns in mind. Now if you’re going to get sick playing beer pong it will be purely for overindulgence.

The set from Strong Arm Cups comes with dampers to catch and cradle ping pong balls without ever letting them touch the beer in the cup, thus eliminating floor residue picked during errant shots. It also comes with dedicated drinking cups for each player so no one has to deal with strange backwash.

Even though we are beer pong purists— we have a soft spot for a half-full cup of Keystone Light that tastes like sawdust with just a hint of dirty shoes—changes like this are probably inevitable. We live in a sanitized world now, right down to our drinking games.

If you want to clean up your beer pong game Strong Arm Cups is running a Kickstarter that will launch on March 23 with special early pricing of $20. Until then you can keep up with them on their Facebook and Twitter where they have already given away a number of sets for free to beer pong enthusiasts.