Arches National Park beer glass
Credit: Courtesy of Uinta Brewing

One of the reason cans continue to be an increasing popular packaging choice for craft beers is because, unlike bottles, cans travel more successfully. Whether you’re boating or backpacking or simply doing anything where bottles are a heavier, breakable, potential hazard, cans are often a better option to serve your needs. Now, a brewery in Utah is using the aluminum packaging to show off some of the places you should consider carrying your cans to: US National Parks.

Courtesy of Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing, Utah’s largest brewery (they’re also America’s 40th largest brewery, distributing to 37 states), recently announced the launch of its Rotating Parks Series. Though the beer itself will stay the same – a newly released golden ale described as “approachable and refreshing” – the imagery on the can will continue to change throughout the year, featuring different National Parks with every new iteration. “Many of the explorations that have inspired our beers have happened in and around National Parks and we’re excited to pay homage to that with this rotating series,” explained Uinta’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Mills in a statement. “We’re fortunate to have five National Parks within 5 hours of the brewery and hope that our Golden Ale encourages consumers to get out and explore those that surround them.”

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The brewery has already unveiled its slate of parks for 2017 – Yosemite, Yellowstone, Arches, Great Smoky Mountains, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain and Everglades – including the design for the first four releases. Though Uinta doesn’t explicitly say its plan is to eventually feature all 58 National Parks on the beer’s packaging, a promotional video posted on Vimeo does say “with 54 more to come…” implying that the intention is to have this new year-round release here for the long haul.

However, conspicuously absent is whether any of the money from purchases of these products will go to help support our National Park system. According to Lindsay Berk, Uinta’s Chief Branding Officer, currently none of the proceeds are going to the National Parks Service because of “other partnership conflicts.” “We do support other outdoor non-profits,” she said. Though the brewery says it’s been working on the project for “several years,” the release feels especially timely now that the NPS appears to be under duress from America’s new administration, so these conflicts do seem to create a bit of a missed opportunity. That said, raising awareness is also as important as ever.

Updated 5:08 PM ET to reflect a statement from Uinta Brewing.