Rise Up Rye, beer
Credit: © Jimmy Ludwig/The Happy Hour Guys

As if transforming a founding father into a hip-hop icon wasn’t badass enough, Hamilton is about to up its coolness cred another notch. The hottest show on Broadway getting its own craft beer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the historically-inspired brew was the brainchild of Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig, two Broadway actors and booze enthusiasts who came up with the idea of making musical-inspired beers. Though they claim the idea was initially met with reluctance, now that New York’s most popular production has signed on for their Broadway Brews Project, the concept might have some legs.

The beer, called Rise Up Rye, saw major input from both the Hamilton team as well as the Bronx-based Gun Hill Brewery who handled the heavy lifting of actually producing it. The people behind the musical wanted the beer to be widely appealing (an attribute they know all about) whereas Gun Hill wanted to make sure it represented colonial America – thus their choice of rye, a grain popular at the time.

If you want to get your hands on Rise Up Rye, it’ll be available at about 40 New York bars on draft and bottles are only available to purchase at the brewery. Part of the proceeds will benefit Graham Windham, a child welfare charity founded by Alexander Hamilton’s wife Eliza that still exists today. Hopefully the beer will be slightly easier to get your hands on than Hamilton tickets. At the very least, the brew will certainly be cheaper.