By Joey Skladany
Updated November 07, 2016
Credit: © Andy Teo/Getty Images

There are 48 nights until Christmas. If you already knew this fact, you'd probably be interested in Tesco's latest product: mulled wine scented toilet paper.

The citrol, eugenol, cinnamol, citronella and limonen quilted blend sells for £2 and is appropriately adorned with gold trees and snowflakes. Tesco says "our mulled spice scented toilet tissue has a mulled spice fragrance core and a decorated paper for extra indulgence everyday."

For elves and the Christmas obsessed, this "extra indulgence" is the perfect way capture the holiday spirit in every nook and cranny.

We just hope this isn't an excuse for people to not wash their hands after using the bathroom. That will certainly land you on Santa's "Naughty List" and our "Do Not Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" list.