Credit: © Ava du Parc

This small lightsaber wants to help you make the perfect drinks. MixStik is an LED wand that delineates the ideal cocktail proportions by lighting up in different colors. This mixology tool connects with your phone via Bluetooth, so, when you download the accompanying recipe app, you just select a drink and the MixStik will tell you how much of everything you need.

The stick is in its very early stages—the Kickstarter doesn't even launch until next month—but it's already gained a lot of attention. In addition to its intended use, coders can reconfigure Mixstik's sensors and speakers to make it resemble a lightsaber even more than it already does, to use it for long-exposure light art and anything else they can imagine. And it can connect with your smart watch, so the most tech-savvy can plan their drinks right from their wrist.

MixStik's Video page showcases a number of the possible drinks the wand offers, from a four-ingredient margarita to a nine-ingredient Long Island iced tea. After selecting your drink from the recipe list and specifying whether you're mixing for one or for two, the app shows you the ingredients you'll need in order, color-coded to match the demarcations on the wand.

For those of you who don't keep a fully stocked, professional-grade bar at home, you can select which bottles you do have and the app will tell you what you can make. The MixStik and its laser light show might not turn you into a master mixologist, but it would definitely be a fun thing to pull out at a party.

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