By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 16, 2015
© Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sure, football players have the money to be wine connoisseurs, but you might not expect a bunch of guys who run into each other for a living to have the discerning palate necessary for wine appreciation. Turns out not only is that stereotype wrong and you are bad for thinking it, but players from one NFL team are even crediting red wine is the key to their success.

No, the Minnesota Vikings aren’t the best team in the league (Maybe the Carolina Panthers are drinking scotch?), but they are in line for a playoff spot – an improvement from last year. Two new additions to this year’s team included veteran cornerback Terence Newman and Terrence Newman’s love of pinot noir. Before the start of the season, the Pioneer Press asked the 37-year-old how he managed to become the oldest cornerback in the NFL. His response: “Red wine is the key…. Get it in your veins, baby. Keeps you strong.”

Whether he was serious or not, younger defensive players – which is to say, all of the other defensive players – took their elder’s advice, and now, according to a Wall Street Journal report, drinking red wine has become part of the defense’s culture. “Newman is a vet, he’s been in the league so long and young guys are sitting there saying: ‘He’s been in the league this long because of the red wine,’” said safety Robert Blanton. “Now everyone’s drinking it.”

Apparently, players hanging out together drinking reds is now a normal occurrence. Members of the secondary even have a group text going where they share pics of the bottles they’re drinking.

So what Pinot’s are the Vikings into? Though Newman suggests Meiomi Pinot Noir for the rookies, he prefers to buy cases of pricier DuMol Pinot for himself. That’s the other thing about being a 13-year NFL veteran: You’re probably a bit more comfortable throwing around $70 for a bottle.

[h/t Yahoo]