Credit: © Perrin Brewing Company

We have seen beers made with weed, Sriracha, even red velvet cake. Now one Michigan brewery is making a beer the craziest new ingredient: coffee beans defecated by weasel-like civet cats.

Big Konas from Perrin Brewery is brewed using pounds of coffee beans whose berries have been picked and eaten by the civets; fermented in their digestive tracks, supposedly enhancing their flavor; defecated out; and finally hand picked by some very unlucky farmers who turn them into some of the world’s most expensive java products. The beans are in such high demand that Perrin’s head brewer had to wait six months and go through multiple interviews with his eventual supplier, a cafe in California.

The brewery is hoping that the wait will be worth it, and Big Konas is already earning some positive reviews. Big Konas was brewed in a limited 30 barrel batch and is currently only available on tap at the brewery in 8 ounce pours. This isn’t the first time that a brewery has used civet coffee in its beer. Denmark’s envelope-pushing brewery Mikkeller has been brewing its Beer Geek Brunch Weasel for years. With the release of Big Konas, however, Perrin is showing that American breweries have the stomach to craft civet poop beer, too.