Credit: © Joe Raedle/Getty Images

She’s certainly not a sorority girl on a budget, but Michelle Obama enjoyed the wonders of Franzia boxed wine for a recent TV segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After raiding the aisles of a local CVS (since that's the kind of stuff Ellen does), our First Lady stumbled across some boxed white zinfandel, but was perplexed by its use and purpose.

“Wine in a box! How does this work? How do you get it out of here?” she asks DeGeneres.

Relying on the help of a nearby customer, the hilarious duo managed to open the booze and start a mid-afternoon drinking session.

We know she lives a life of luxury, but we have a hard time believing that Michelle hasn't opened up a box or two in her day. While it certainly goes against the "Let's Move!" mission and diet, sometimes a girl's just gotta pop a cap and surrender to the cheap, sweet stuff.

Check out a clip of their entire shopping experience below. The alcohol-fueled fun starts at the 4:05 mark.